Mayhem Applications

Welcome to Mayhem, an alliance focussed on growth. We are tight knit and selective, operating mostly on a command economy.
We are glad you're interested in applying. But perhaps before you apply, you'd like to get to know more about us?

Our Government
Hegemon: TigerFire
Remnant of Foreign Affairs: Tevron
Remnant of Military Command: Boyce
Remnant of Economics: Titan

Our Allies
Protected by The Knights Radiant

What Can We Offer You?
That's great and all, but what can we offer you?
1. Protection for your nation, never be on your own in wars!
2. $5,000,000 + a national project just for joining!
3. A comprehensive training program to help you learn how to play!
4. A fun, and active discord community!

How do you get started?
1. Apply to the alliance in-game, do so on this page.
2. Join our Discord Server, and say hello.
3. Submit an application by pressing the button below.

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